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Where can I buy or service a fire extinguisher?
Caution should always be exercised when working with fire, particularly in the event of strong wind.
How do I use a fire extinguisher?
What are the current Ambulance Rates?
Never leave a fire unattended and always extinguish it completely before retiring.
How do I apply for a Fire Permit?
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lock box

Lock Boxes are an excellent way to protect your property from damage in an emergency. Time is of essence during a fire or medical emergency. To be able to prevent tragedy, responders need prompt access and cannot wait for a secondary contact to arrive with a key.


The Supra Max KeyBox (Lock Box) is a small weather-resistant metal box that securely holds a set of keys. Should an emergency occur while you are unable to open the door or get out of residence, Emergency Services Personnel can access your property without having to break in. This ensures that your property and potentially your safety are within reach of Emergency Responders at all times by providing rapid access to your property by authorized personnel.


Brandon Fire & Emergency Services has partnered with Seniors for Seniors to support this valuable program. To become involved, contact the Seniors for Seniors office to obtain the information on how to purchase a Lock Box. Installation instructions will be provided; where and how to install it in order to ensure uniformity throughout our service area and to maximize the system’s effectiveness. Once installed, BFES will come by to inspect, document its location, and lock your Lock Box.



To Purchase a Lock Box, contact – Seniors for Seniors at 571-2050



To have an Inspector Secure your Lock Box, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up an appointment.